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The era of CD and DVD is coming to a close with USB flash drives taking its place. Yet many CD and DVD duplication facilities have shelves and shelves of DVD jewel cases which they need to put to good use. This DVD-to-USB-Insert card is a quick, easy and cheap solution. The insert allows users to keep their DVD case and related jewel case artwork to remain the same, but now secure a USB flash drive inside the DVD case, rather than an optical disc.

So many businesses enjoy the DVD case because the DVD case is a great storage box. The case is a good size with a thick spin to print what the contents in the DVD case are.

Continue this same “library” methodology with the DVD-to-USB-Insert card.

In case you can’t see or didn’t see, the video posted above the solution will hold two USB flash drives in a DVD case. The DVD-to-USB-Insert is a thick 0.65mm clear plastic which is the same diameter as a DVD. However, the clear plastic has two rectangles which are inverted to hold just about any sized USB flash drive. This solution will fit two USB flash drives into a single DVD case. The two rectangles are the same size and as said, will fit darn nearly all USB sticks with a size that is 3″ long by 3/4″ wide and a depth of 3/8″ ( for you metric folks, that is 76mm long, 21mm wide, and 9.5mm deep).

The clear plastic has a hole in the center the same size as a DVD disc and will snap into the “hold usb flash drive in dvd case” of the DVD case. Using any DVD case on the market you can easily hold a USB flash drive inside a DVD case. The video shows how secure the USB flash drive is when inside the DVD case. The flash drive will not fall out during shipping or transit.

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This question is about Hold USB Flash Drive In DVD Case.They are almost all the same. Flash drives have a fixed number of write cycles. People estimate that with "normal" use, you will get about 10 years from a USB flash drive. This does not mean that they degrade over time, but rather the amount of data written to them. If you only write data down every now and then, it will probably last a lot longer than that.If you're looking for more knowldege, explore this url[/url] you will need to show all of your obsolete CDs and DVDs into this fun art the entire family will relish.

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