08 Feb 2021 - 17:54:48
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I need to write protect a flash drive so the contents cannot be changed by anyone. I am dealing with a flash drive that goes with medical equipment and i need to guarantee the contents cannot be manipulated or changed... or even a virus jump on the drive and spread. Because that would be bad for our medical company and our reputation. I found this Nexcopy USB duplicator PRO unit and it does what I wanted. So here is the information if you need it. Very valuable.

I have been looking for a way to make my USB flash drives read-only. I cannot have my program deleted off the flash drive. I found Nexcopy and they have a pro USB duplicator that does what I wanted. I am able to put my program on the flash drive and their software locks the USB so it can't be changed. The locking step is done at the hardware level. So it can't be hacked. Thought some of you should know. Here is the information.

My boss wants to send out flash drives to our sales people, but wants to guarantee a virus will not jump onto their flash drive and corrupt their computers. I found this USB duplicator which does what my boss wanted. The duplicator equipment will make a USB stick and you can't change anything on it. Very cool, and worked well for me. Nexcopy is the company name

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20 Feb 2021 - 16:45:04
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What I need help understanding because I wasn't clear on what was happening, which Nexcopy helped with, is after the device is created, how do we edit or format or set the volume name to the second partition? They helped me understand what the problem was and how to rectify it. Basically Windows will determine the number of partitions upon power up, when the device is connected to the computer. However, if the number of partitions changes after the device is connected, Windows isn't aware of the change. The only way Windows knows about the single partition turning into multiple partitions is from a power cycle. So, once we disconnected the USB and reconnected the USB, we could see the second partition and rename the volume. Remember, the LUN (Logical Unit Number) created at the controller level is different than the partitions created through Windows Disk Management. An easy way to think of this is the LUN is two physically different devices (in the terms of how Windows sees the device) and the partitions made through Windows are actually Volumes, so more like a software version of two partitions of physical devices. This is why a two volume partitioned device in Windows can always be removed through Disk Management. However; when this is done at the controller level, it's impossible to change.

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20 Feb 2021 - 16:46:27
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Nexcopy was very helpful with their expertise and way the explained how the solve the problem I had. I couldn't have created a two LUN or two partition drive with the first partition USB write protected and the second partition read/write with bot partitions have exact volume names. The overseas suppliers just didn't understand the overall goal I was trying to accomplish, but Nexcopy did. Worth giving them a call if you have any type of flash drive related tricks you need to pull off.

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