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Heavy metal music has a basic instrument arrangement: electric guitar, electric bass and drums, which constitute the "rhythm group" and "melody group" respectively. The vocals are sometimes omitted, and keyboards and piano are sometimes added.Anime Sex Doll

Since heavy metal music emphasizes instruments rather than vocals, the status of singers and musicians is equal (including the position of mixing and post-production in the studio), which is different from the tradition in pop music where the lead singer plays the important role.

The electric guitar plays the most important role, because the strongly distorted guitar sound is very aggressive. Under this influence, heavy metal music can use the electric guitar to show its impact. If you use effects, the music can be more varied. In addition, the birth of heavy metal also started with the electric guitar.Mollige Sexpuppe
The drum is the absolute core instrument, its role is to lay the foundation and direct other instruments to surround it. Heavy metal drummers usually use complex fill-in rhythms and cymbals to enhance the atmosphere and make the music more varied.
The electric bass is responsible for the flow in the rhythm part. It has the bass of the drums and the tone of the guitar at the same time. Therefore, the bass can also connect the drums and guitar, so that the three important instruments can be integrated and coordinated in the music.
Keyboards and pianos imitate the timbres of other instruments, changing different timbres to connect rhythm and melody. However, due to the limitations of their sound production principles, each timbre is not perfect.Asiatische Sexpuppen
Among them, guitar and bass are the most versatile instruments. As long as you change the tools, methods, positions, and strength of picking strings, you can easily change the timbre. If you use effects, the range of timbre changes will be greatly expanded.

The lead singer is the framework of the entire music. The singing voice, style and wide range of the music will define the scope of the entire music. The person who serves as the lead singer must cooperate with all the instruments to express the music, such as the high-pitched loudness of power metal versus the low-pitched roar of death metal. Simon Frith, a sociologist at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, said: "The tone of the metal singer's voice is far more important than the lyrics he sings."Schlanke Sexpuppen

Some heavy metal bands will omit the position of lead singer, such as Doomsday Planet, Metal Apocalypse, Animal Leader and Mystery of the Knot, etc. Most heavy metal bands will also release purely instrumental works without vocals, such as Metallica, Unreal Realm, Bellako, Silent Darkness, Fury, Aurora Sonata, Blind Guardian, Mystical Moor, Firestorm, Ancient Balance of Force, Holy Sword, Destruction, Pagan Fanatic, Angel of Death, etc.Mini Sexpuppen
There are a variety of special throat singing styles in heavy metal music, and the lead singers of most bands will use vocal extension techniques. Roaring singing is a general term, and can be subdivided into dead singing, pig barking, water throat, which mainly vibrate false vocal cords, black singing, hacking singing, etc., which mainly vibrate real vocal cords. However, the intensity, pitch, and timbre of vocal techniques vary from style to style. Roaring types are roughly divided into two categories: true vocal cords and false vocal cords, which are distinguished according to the force application position, vibration ratio, resonance cavity, amount of vibration of the true and false vocal cords, and the size of the vibration particles.

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