14 Mar 2023 - 06:05:00
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North Korean army firesSLOTXOnew rounds of missiles South Korea and the United States held their largest joint military exercise since 2018.

Foreign news agencies reported from Seoul. South Korea on March 14 that the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea reported that Korean People's Army (KPA) or North Korean Army 2 short-range guided missiles (SRBMs) were fired from the launch pad in Jungyeon. in South Hwanghae Province in the southwestern part of North Korea On Tuesday morning local time

Such a movement occurred after KPA shot Two "strategic guided missiles" fired from a submarine named "8.24 Yeongung" last Sunday. although not clearly stated What model is that missile? But it is well known that Whenever North Korea uses the term "missile" “Strategic weapons” means that operational missiles are weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads. And as the Pyongyang government "hints" by revealing the name of the submarine. which is the only submarine North Korea's "Now Officially" Potentially equipped with nuclear warheads.

19 Mar 2023 - 18:49:13
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wow are you in korea

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