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American girl of ChineseSLOTXOdescent file a lawsuit in court by accusing her adoptive parents of Intentionally adopting her to raise as a servant in the house. He kept her locked up in a dark room for years.

Olivia Atcositis is a 19-year-old girl of Chinese American descent. Filed in Superior Court for the District of Merrimack County, New Hampshire. by specifying the names of several defendants apart from her adoptive parents These included those associated with the school district, the Minor Protection System, the Boston Police Department, the Massachusetts Foster Care Representative. She accused The group ignored or ignored her complaint. Since she was just a minor

When she was 14 months old, Olivia was adopted by the family of Thomas and Denis Atcosites in 2004. She claimed she had been physically abused and coerced since the age of three by her adoptive parents. She tied her to a metal pole with a dog leash. They built a small 88 foot room in the basement of the house. to be her address which she called the "underground dungeon"

Olivia's "dungeon" room
Olivia also said that Growing up, she was confined in a house for many years.

The Atcosites couple have three biological children. Their four-bedroom, 4,300-square-foot home is in New Boston. The house sits on 27 acres of land adjacent to a state forest.

Olivia's "dungeon" room has only one window. which is separated by a chicken cage She uses a bucket of water to flush the toilet. The girl was released from her room only when it was time for her to do the chores and take care of the farm animals. Including acting as a massage for the mother-in-law

Thomas and Denise, Olivia's adoptive parents.
The lawsuit says Olivia attempted to escape several times when she was a child. But local police often handed her over to the Atkocytes family. The last time she told me that The police even used police dogs to track her down and bring her back to her foster parents.

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