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The Washingtonslot 168government confirmed the detection. China's "spy balloon" floats over several areas including one of the major US nuclear bases

Foreign news agencies reported from Washington. United States on February 3, citing information from Washington government security sources. about sightings The "object of suspicion" is a Chinese "spy balloon" floating in US airspace. "For several days," which relevant Washington government agencies are closely monitoring. Including sending military aircraft following articulation.

However, the news source clearly denied the information that How far above ground did the spy balloon fly, but said it was “over the traffic zone for commercial aircraft? but below space.”

While it was reported that The security forces want to shoot and destroy this balloon. while maneuvering in Montana's airspace It is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, one of the major US nuclear bases. As a place to store about 150 nuclear warheads, but ultimately changed his mind. due to fear of safety Because the fragments may spread out over a wide area.

However, relevant departments have contacted the Beijing government. "To show serious concern." The object is highly effective at gathering intelligence, but insists that the US needs to take necessary steps within the legal framework. to protect the country's sensitive information

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