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Massive flooding in theSLOTXOBrazilian state of São Paulo. still worrisome The death toll continued to rise to "over 50" and residents were warned to prepare. with the rain that will continue to fall

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of Sao Sebastiao, Brazil, on February 24 that the state of Sao Paulo It is the state with the highest economic wealth in Brazil. Located in the southeast of the country. Report the number of deaths from floods and landslides. This is the result of heavy rain in just a few days, increasing to "not less than 50 cases" and is likely to increase further. because there are still missing persons “At least 38 more people.”

In addition, more than 3,000 people were temporarily evacuated from their homes. While the amount of rain accumulated since the weekend exceeded 600 millimeters, the highest on record. and it is prophesied that The rain will continue to fall heavily. Due to the humidity in the Atlantic Ocean and the “natural reaction” that takes place within the Amazon.

Brazilian Navy frigate Navio Atlantico Go to the area to help victims of natural disasters. in the state of Sao Paulo

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited several sites in the state of São Paulo. last monday A state of emergency was declared covering six cities that were hit the most by the natural disaster. Lula called for increased dialogue and joint planning. between relevant agencies in planning the construction of infrastructure and housing Must not occur in areas prone to landslide

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not a fan of brasilian games

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