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For over 50 years, BurlingtonSLOTXOpolice have been at a dead end in their pursuit of the rape and murder of an elementary school teacher. Until a new clue is a DNA trace from the cigarette butt at the crime scene.

For more than five decades, Burlington Police Vermont The person who raped and assaulted Rita Curran, a 24-year-old teacher at an elementary school in her apartment, has not been identified. Then took her life by strangulation until she suffocated on July 20, 1971.

Yesterday (February 21, 2023), the Burlington Police Department issued a statement saying They managed to solve the state's oldest murder mystery. The murderer who raped and killed Curran was identified as her neighbor, William DeRouss. Based on information from the extraction and examination of DNA from cigarette butts found at the crime scene. Come to identify the killer that is not 'Ted Bundy', a famous serial killer in the past.

Acting superintendent Jon Murad said Derous, who was about 31 the year he launched the attack, was "very young". Having lived with his wife in the upper floor of the same building as Curran for just two weeks, Murad said Derouse, who had just married his wife, got into an argument at the time of the incident. decided to leave “Take a walk to cool down,” but his wife testified at his whereabouts during police questioning after the incident.

Prior to her murder, Curran had just moved into the same apartment building as Derouse with two other roommates, where she worked as an elementary school teacher. and is currently studying at the University of Vermont. Including working part-time at a nearby hotel

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