04 Mar 2023 - 05:38:38
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Foreign news agencies reportedfrom Addis Ababa. Ethiopia on February 20 that the meeting of the African Union (AU) issued a statement on Sunday. Israel's suspension of observer status confirmed As a result, the diplomatic mission of the Tel Aviv government Wasn't invited to the meeting. on the weekend

Such clarification occurred After the Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement show serious dissatisfaction to Ms. Sharon Bar-Lee, Deputy Director for African Affairs at the Israeli Foreign Ministry Not allowed to enter the meeting room. But later, the AU Secretariat clarified at the time that the "representative of Israel, for the purposes of the AU", was the Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia.

However, Israel said 168slot South Africa and Algeria which is among the foremost members of the AU He was "behind the story" due to his "hatred" of Israel. The two countries take an "opposite" stand against Israel on Palestine. The South African government adamantly refused. While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria declined to make an official comment.

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