23 Feb 2023 - 06:38:27
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Japanese goods store in SLOTXO the Philippines Organize a project for customers to use onions instead of cash. after domestic onion prices skyrocketed to almost 400 baht per kg.

On February 1, the popular Japanese goods store 'Japan Home Center' or JHC in the Philippines posted a picture and message stating that it will launch a special campaign. Offer customers to bring onions instead of cash. Which can be exchanged for products today (4 February 2023)

The post quickly went viral. With more than 19,000 likes, more than 1,700 comments, and more than 10,000 shares of the post, it is assumed that one of the reasons is due to the onion price situation in the Philippines that has become much more expensive in the last few days. a month ago And the store has taken advantage of this situation. Come up with a campaign that attracts the attention of customers.

JHC, which claims to be the first and only Japanese low-priced store in the Philippines. Give details that Customers can bring onions to exchange specified products by using 1 onion to exchange 1 product, limited to 3 pieces per person or per 1 purchase and can be exchanged only at branches on Pha Road Nay Quezon City on February 4 only.

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