22 Feb 2023 - 06:03:11
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Foreign news agenciesSLOTXOreported from the city of Jackson. Mississippi State United States, on February 18, that the Tate County Police Department in the state of Mississippi Report on the incident of a mob shooting people. in many areas of the city of Arkabatla Away from Memphis which is the capital city of the neighboring state of Tennessee, about 45 miles (72 kilometers) on Friday. The officers were able to arrest the male culprit. The charge killed at least 6 people and injured 1 person.

While many local media reported more That the perpetrator, named Mr. Richard Del Crum, 52, shot a person in a convenience store. After that, he walked to a house not far from the scene of the first incident. and shot a woman inside the house. After that, the assailant drove to another house. which is likely to be their own home and killed two other victims. and then proceeded to another house Shot dead two people inside the house before being arrested.

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