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Age is not a barrier! ChileanSLOTXOboy volunteers Help firefighters fight wildfires
As their parents battled a wildfire that engulfed their home in southern Chile, 13-year-old Lukas Zepedes decided to take firefighters across the local river in rowboats. small yellow for them to come and help extinguish the wildfire again

Reuters Reports from Riofuta, Chile, on Feb. 13 say Chile is facing its worst wildfires in years. It has killed at least 24 people and burned more than 340,000 hectares of land, affected more than 5,400 Chileans and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

I took people across the river because I had no choice. My parents are dealing with wildfires. And I was very afraid that the fire would spread to my house, said Zespedes, who lives with his family. in areas accessible from waterways only added that There was no other person who could lead people across the river. So he is the only hope to increase the chances of extinguishing forest fires.

Cespedes paddled firefighters 30 meters across the Futa River, a massive waterway in southern Chile. near the city of Valdivia and away from Santiago about 1,000 kilometers south, he continued to do so as the forest fires raged.

"Now I continue to help, bring people across and bring in firefighters," Zespedes added.

The fires are concentrated in the agricultural and forestry areas of south-central Chile. And it happened amid a drought that lasted more than a decade. Moreover Climate change is also making the climate more hot and dry. As a result, forest fires spread faster, burn longer. and raged even more violently.

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