20 Feb 2023 - 06:06:47
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Russian leaders XO urge soldiers with reference to history "Battle of Stalingrad" in which Soviet soldiers defeated Nazis Linked to Germany preparing to send tanks to Ukraine.

Foreign news agencies report from Moscow. Russia on February 3 that President Vladimir Putin traveled to Volgograd. Or the former name was Stalingrad last Thursday. to lay a wreath at the Marmaev Kurgan Veterans Memorial and watch a mini-parade of the Russian army To celebrate and commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the "Battle of Stalingrad" in which the Soviet Union's army defeated the Nazis. on the Eastern Front battlefields of World War II

The Russian leader said sarcastically 80 years after the Battle of Stalingrad, Russia is once again facing German tanks. Refers to the recent announcement by the Berlin government. Prepare to deliver 14 "Leopard 2" tanks to Ukraine "which is unfortunate. where Nazi ideology is making a comeback Even the world is in the modern era "and this still threatens the stability and existence of Russia..

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