14 Feb 2023 - 06:40:00
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India remains Russia's largest arms importer. with an import value of more than 400,000 million baht within the last 5 years

Foreign news agencies report fromSLOTXOMoscow. Russia on February 13 that the official Russian news agency Interfax The report cites an interview by Dmitry Chugayev, director of the Russian Defense Technical Cooperation Agency. In the last five years, India has imported weapons from Russia totaling about $13 billion (about 439,530 million baht).

Meanwhile, the New Delhi government which is the largest importer of Russian weapons Russia has submitted arms purchases of $10 billion (about 338.1 billion baht) in the last 12 months, accounting for one-fifth or 20% of total global purchases. Most Asian customers are interested in the S-400 defense system. Su-30 fighter jet Mig-29 fighter jet and many other unmanned aerial vehicles as well as close-range defense systems from surface to air such as "Osa", "Pechora" and "Strela".

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