11 Feb 2023 - 06:55:50
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Yahoo is planning tolaySLOTXOoff more than 20% of its workforce as part of a plan. "Restructuring" the advertising department

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of San Francisco. United States on February 10 that Yahoo is one of the world's largest technology entrepreneurs from the United States. Announced plans to lay off "more than 20%" of its approximately 8,600 employees by the end of the year. which is part of the plan “restructuring” that focuses on the advertising department

According to a Yahoo source, the “reform” is the replacement of the original division known as “Yahoo for Business” with “Yahoo Advertising”. May lead to the layoffs of "up to 50%" of personnel in such lines, including "more than 1,600 layoffs this week".

Despite being one of the most popular email and search service providers. When the 1990s, however, in the last few decades Yahoo faces intense pressure from both inside and outside. in the pursuit of identity and creating change among fearsome and challenging opponents Whether it's Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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