08 Feb 2023 - 06:40:21
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Reuters Reports from theslot xostate of Texas, USA, on February 7 that Dell is another company that follows many US companies. In announcing thousands of layoffs in the past to cope with the problem of low demand after consumers and corporations spend less money due to inflation and skyrocketing interest rates

“What we do know is The market continues to wear out with an uncertain future,” said Jeff Clark, co-chief operating officer, Dell. Written in a memo to company employees
Clark also noted in a public memo that Dell's move so far in weathering a challenging economic environment, including temporary outsourcing worker cuts, travel restrictions, "has been a ripple effect." and reducing spending for services outside that organization “Not enough anymore”

U.S. layoffs hit a two-year high in January as tech companies shed jobs at the second-highest rate. to prepare for a potential recession

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