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Found a Japaneseslot xoYouTuber When the fish is raised and he often brings it live during the casting game, playing strangely until taking over his own gaming account Swipe your credit card and open your own PayPal account.

In January, video clips appeared on the YouTube website of the game cast. and the YouTube number who owns the channel 'Mutekimaru' (Mutekimaru Channel) who recorded the events during the livecast of his game. and found the unbelievable which is the skill of the 'aquarium fish' that he raised with the caption that It is a shocking video of the world's first incident where an "aquarium fish" uses the owner's credit card to swipe for purchases.

Mutekimaru's YouTube channel is quite popular among gamers. and game casting enthusiasts Because he uses "fish" species Tetra (Tetra), which is a popular aquarium fish. be a game player

Mutekimaru uses fish to play games. By installing software to detect the movement of fish in the aquarium. so that his fish can "control" the game from Nintendo remote switch Which, according to news reports, indicates that There are many gamer fish in this channel. The ones who make frequent appearances are Maurice, Mu, Ponyo and Lala, who died last September.

Unbelievable event this time This happened in early January, while Mutekima was live-casting a Pokemon game. and decided to take a break Due to a system crash causing the game to crash and the screen revert to the home screen. where he still lets his fish swim around Along with turning on the game control system from motion detection

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