02 Feb 2023 - 09:18:50
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A homeowner in Hawaii was shocked SLOTXOhen a giant 5-foot rock suddenly hit the living room in the middle of her house just as she was about to walk there.

Saturday night, Jan. 28, 2023, as Carolyn Sasaki was walking toward the living room of her home in Honolulu, Hawaii, a giant 5-foot boulder pierced her wall. through to the living room amid the noise and dust shocking the woman who owns the house

Local reporters reported that The giant boulder slid down a nearby hill. jumping through the wall of the house Passing through cars in the house Bumping into the walls of the house and living room before going to the end of the bedroom

Sasaki is more than lucky. At that time, she was thinking about watching TV in the living room. But she still couldn't walk. Just then, that stone flew into the house first. It's called if you walk a little faster than that. The story could turn into a tragedy.

The elderly woman who owned the house said Her family had just moved into the house in January. Heard a very loud sound and suddenly A huge rock flew past her. At that time, she couldn't even see what it was. Then someone came in and asked if she was okay.

At that time, besides Sasaki, there were 3 other members in the house, but no one was hurt either.

A giant rock that pierced Sasaki's house.
According to local news outlets, the area in the immediate vicinity of Sasaki's house has undergone several transformations over the past few years, with a concrete wall between Sasaki's house and a high hill. nearby steep slopes with large boulders

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