24 Jul 2022 - 07:06:30
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Gun control advocates have calledSLOTXOon US President Joe Biden to take tougher measures to curb gun violence. After the Texas elementary school shooting As the White House tries to pressure Congress to pass gun control laws Because the law will have more impact than the measures from the administrative order.

Gun control activists say The White House has held talks with the group since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Yuvaldi, Texas on Tuesday (May 24), in which Salvador Ramos, 18, the assailant used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to kill 19 elementary school students and two teachers before being shot by police. It was the worst school shooting in nearly a decade.

The group calls that if lawmakers fail to pass gun control laws that would fill loopholes in the current law, also asked President Biden to issue an emergency declaration on gun violence. Appoint a Gun Violence Control Inspector Advocate for the repeal of legislative kicks in the Senate if necessary. and to issue an executive order for a firearm purchase history check.

Reuters reports that Biden's administration is now trying to pressure Congress to pass tougher gun control laws. which may have a more lasting impact than the action from the management The White House has reached out to top Democrats in the House of Representatives to discuss next steps on gun laws.

The bill from Democrats requires background checks. as well as banning semi-automatic rifles Democrats, however, have failed to pass the bill for decades in the House of Commons. after facing opposition from the Republican Party including from moderate Democrats and some independent MPs Democrats said in the House of Representatives on Wednesday they would try to reintroduce the law.

"President Biden hasn't done enough," said David Hogg, a survivor of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday.

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