22 Jul 2022 - 06:47:31
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June 24, 2022 is another day toSLOTXOremember in the history of women's rights over their bodies. The US Supreme Court overturned a ruling 50 years ago that recognized women's right to abortion as a fundamental constitutional right.

The ruling gives each state the right to set its own abortion laws.

In other words, The court's ruling throws women's rights back into the hands of state powers once again, so if unfortunate it's in a conservative state that opposes abortion. All actions related to abortion will immediately become illegal. In addition to the women who have an abortion will be charged. Everyone involved may also be hit with a tail number.

As the world has changed a lot from 50 years ago, the effect of this decision still affects many circles that have never been seen in the past. Especially in today's technology industry, whether they are aware of it or not. Every time we search the internet We have left many digital footprints. This information can be used as evidence to bind ourselves and those involved later.

Thus, the online platform has become both a promoter of women's right to access information and services related to abortion. but at the same time It is also the person who plays an important role in monitoring user behavior as well. Privacy concerns about online platform users

It has become a hot topic as many parties have expressed concern that authorities may request information from these platforms. whether search history travel coordinates financial transactions to messages sent to each other through various networks to be used as evidence for further offenses

Elizabeth Smith from the Center for Reproductive Rights has warned users to be more careful when using digital. Platforms, especially those in states where abortion is illegal

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