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By Hannah Ogrady and Joel Gunter
BBC Panorama
Anxo walletinvestigation by the BBC News team found that the Special Air Service (SAS) forces in Afghanistan had killed unarmed inmates and ordinary people. in many events

The BBC has found evidence that the former special forces commander did not hand over the evidence to the homicide investigation team.

The Ministry of Defense said the British Army “Performed with courage and professionalism in Afghanistan.”

The BBC learned that Gen. Sir Mark Carlton-Smith Former Commander of the British Special Forces Be informed of a suspected unlawful murder. But it did not refer the matter to the Army Inspector General (RMP), although RMP has opened an investigation into the SAS Special Forces in the murder case.

The SAS Squadron conducts a nighttime raid.
Lieutenant General Carlton-Smith who was later promoted to commander of the army before stepping down last month declined to speak about it.

BBC Panorama analyzes hundreds of pages of SAA operations reports. This includes reports that mention raids. More than 12 “to kill or capture” operations were carried out by a single SAS special force. in the province of Helmand in 2010/2011

Those who have carried out such missions for a number of SAS squadrons told the BBC they witnessed SAS operators killing unarmed citizens during a nighttime raid.

They also said special forces used a well-known "hand over" tactic. is to bring the AK-47 gun Set up a battle zone to justify the killing of the unarmed.

Many people who have worked with special forces say soldiers from different squadrons compete with each other to see who kills more people. The squadron monitored by the BBC has attempted to increase the number of kills to more people than the previous squadron they replaced.

Internal emails reveal that the highest-ranking Special Forces officers are aware of concerns about the illegal killing of people. But he did not report the suspicion here to the military inspector. even if it is a legal requirement

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