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Continued boiling betweenSLOTXOChina and the United States. including the latest stage A group of 20 foreign ministers from the two giant countries. Face-to-face negotiations on complex conflicts with Russia continue to intervene.

On July 9, 2022, the AP news agency reported that a meeting between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was held in Bali, Indonesia. full of hot topics as expected After the two government representatives recently announced a fierce attack on each other.

Ms. Blingen told Mr. Wang Yi. that Russia's support for the war in Ukraine has crippled US relations. with China is more complicated. from the beginning that there were already conflicts in other matters

Wang Yi blamed the United States. That is what worsens relations and US policy. Derailed for mistaking China as a threat

“There are a lot of people called the United States. struggling with Chinese terror If the symptoms are allowed to expand US policy towards China will reach a point where it cannot continue And it's a dead end,” said Wang Yi.

The meeting between the two foreign ministers lasted five hours. At his first meeting since last October, Blinken said he was deeply concerned about China's stance on Russia in Ukraine. and was skeptical as China protested that China took a neutral stance in the conflict.

“We are concerned about the alliance between the People's Republic of China and Russia. It is difficult to remain neutral in this type of conflict. Because it is clearly visible on the aggressive side. I don't believe China can be neutral,” Blinken told media after the meeting.

The US government had previously hoped that China would take the same stance as the US. in the Russo-Ukrainian War But in the end, China didn't. and chose to use a combination of attitudes that violate international rules and regulations

Blinken, though, believed Russia was isolated and isolated during the G-20 summit because most of its members were against the war in Ukraine. but in the end Foreign ministers' forums were unable to unite to demand an end to the war.

The FBI-MI Five first attacked China.
The joint statement stated that Conflict between China and the United States About the ongoing conflict Russia has escalated in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Britain's MI5, a joint statement said. Chinese warning guns especially stealing technology to compete with the West

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