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A bunion of the foot is a expertsSLOTXOSpecialized online games from the website 168slotxo developed the Star Vegas slot formula. to be used to search for prize draws with the best calculating system at this time Supports all operating systems, both IOS & ANDROID. There are many advantages and advantages. that users can use with every game camp, every camp, famous brand around the world hard or soft lump of skin tissue. It usually occurs on the top of the toes, crotch, and soles of the feet, but can occur in other areas of the body as well. Even the bunion on the feet is harmless. But it can be annoying and painful when walking or running because the bunion is pressed deep into the skin.

What is a bunion on the feet?
A bunion on the foot is a raised, lumpy layer of skin. There are both hard and soft types. Caused by the skin trying to protect itself from friction and chronic pressure. This may be a result of wearing the wrong shoe size, for example. Bunion on the feet can be found in people of all genders and ages, especially in the elderly.

Symptoms of bunion on the feet
Symptoms that may be signs of bunion on the feet include:

A thick, hard blister on the top of the toe, crotch, or soles of the foot.
The skin there is dry, flaky, or has a waxy texture.
The blisters are painful when pressed, touched, walked, run or worn properly.
Causes of bunion on feet
The cause of bunion on the feet is from prolonged or chronic foot friction or pressure. This could be a result of these factors.

walking without shoes
Wearing shoes that are not suitable for your feet, such as too tight or too loose, can cause the foot to slide and rub against the shoe.
wearing high heels or shoes with heels too long
wearing shoes without socks May cause friction in the feet or if wearing socks that don't fit your feet It can cause bunion on the feet as well.
Long walks or standing for long periods of time
Abnormal foot structure, such as kinked toes, bent toes

How to treat bunion on feet
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Treatment for bunion of the feet may be done by avoiding behaviors that repeatedly cause friction or pressure on the feet. or worsening May alleviate symptoms in the following ways:

use insoles For those who have abnormal feet It is best to use specially made equipment or insoles. to prevent recurrence of bunion on the feet
Use a foot bunion remover, such as a plaster containing 40% salicylic acid. In general, a foot pebbler should be used to scrub the dead skin off before applying a new plaster.
Cut or peel off excess skin. by cutting off the hard, thick skin Or bunion on the feet that are large with a scalpel. However, do not cut or peel the bunion yourself because there is a risk of infection. You should consult your doctor for treatment.
Surgery is suitable for people with bunion on the feet. due to bone deformities causing the bones to rub against each other But this is a rare case.
If people with diabetes, heart disease or problems with blood circulation are bunion at the feet. should be treated by a doctor because of the slight wound It may increase the risk of infection. and can be swamp

Preventing bunion on the feet
These methods may help prevent bunion on your feet, for example:

Choose shoes that fit your foot size. not too tight or too loose to prevent abrasion
Wear thick socks that fit the size of your feet and shoes. to help reduce pressure on the feet
Try to regularly soak your feet in warm water. to make feet soft
Use heel pads in shoes. To soften the sole and reduce pressure.
Apply foot cream after bathing. to add moisture to the feet
Use pedicure stones regularly. to remove dry, cracked and hard skin
Avoid wearing high heels and standing for long periods of time.

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