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Many people may have had problems with studying. working all day tired Late at night, I want to sleep well. But I don't know why at night my eyelids become tight. Not sleepy, sagging eyelids like in the morning. Persisting like this for a long time will lose the job. Lose your mental health If you want to sleep well as usual, follow Sanook! Health. Let's deal with insomnia.

When is it called insomnia?
to achieve a consistent understanding I have to explain that insomnia is not a disease. But this is a problem of insufficient sleep. Makes when waking up doesn't feel refreshed. It can affect functions, work and relationships with others. Many people may experience many forms of insomnia, such as difficulty sleeping, taking a long time to fall asleep, insomnia, Waking up to sleep, going to bed earlier than usual, waking up not feeling refreshed. like not sleeping When this symptom is so severe, many people become so obsessed with their symptoms that they can't do anything.

Insomnia can be categorized into many different types. Depending on the duration as follows
temporary insomnia
intermittent insomnia
chronic insomnia
How does insomnia affect?
Decreased quality of life
The rate of absenteeism increases.
decreased work efficiency
decreased ability to live
Can easily get into an accident It is reported that if driving, the chance of an accident increases by 2.5 times.
There is a higher use of medical services. Due to health problems such as headache, fatigue, lethargy, feeling unrefreshed, irritability, lack of concentration, etc.
insomnia in those who have had a psychiatric illness It has been reported that there may be a risk of recurrence. The risk of suicide is also increased in patients with depression.
cause of insomnia
Causes of insomnia caused by diseases (Medical and Physical Conditions)
which some diseases are the cause of insomnia such as
Adjustment Sleep Disorder is insomnia caused by new stimuli such as stress, illness, surgery, loss of love, work. Insomnia will return to normal.
Jet Lag often occurs with patients flying across time zones. causing the body to change the time to sleep until unable to adjust causing difficulty to sleep
Working Conditions are the result of having to work in shifts. lose the life clock until he had to sleep at the wrong time
Medications Insomnia caused by medication or beverages such as nasal decongestants, coffee

Psychologic Causes of Insomnia
From the data collection, it was found that most of the patients with insomnia were caused by symptoms that affect their minds, such as stress and depression, with up to 70 percent of these patients having insomnia. Main symptoms
Causes of insomnia are factors that stimulate insomnia. (Precipitating Factors of Transient Insomnia)
which is often a temporary occurrence such as
Some diseases when at birth will cause patients to have insomnia, such as asthma, heart attack, allergies, dementia, Parkinson's disease, toxic goiter.
As a result of changes in the hormone Progesteron, when this hormone is elevated, it causes sleepiness during ovulation. But during the upcoming menstruation, there will be less hormones. May cause insomnia Also when you girls are pregnant in the early stages And near the birth, there will be insomnia as well. due to hormonal changes including the first phase of women when entering the golden age There will be insomnia as well.
Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome is another cause of insomnia, such as when it's time to sleep but you don't sleep. causing the body to be unable to adjust in time
Causes of insomnia that are complementary factors (Perpetuating Factors)
There are a number of conditions that make insomnia more prone to insomnia.
Psychophysiological Insomnia is caused by early sleep causing insomnia, known as Advanced sleep phase Syndrome, causing the person to try to stay asleep. Restlessness, tossing around, not relaxing until it accumulates and becomes stressful. Patients in this group are characterized by rapid pulse, easy waking, body temperature is higher than normal.
Insomnia from certain substances such as alcohol, coffee, which drinking coffee. or alcohol during the day to night may cause insomnia If not including that drinking is just a sip. Or just a little before bedtime will help reduce stress. make sleep better But if drinking too much will make it difficult to fall asleep for a long time, waking up easily. Including smokers, they sleep for 3-4 hours and wake up. due to decreased nicotin levels
Melatonin levels drop. Melatonin is predominantly present in children and decreases in adults after the age of 60, contributing to sleep disturbances.
Light factors also play a role in insomnia. From the initial knowledge that light will awaken our body. even if the light is dimmed
insomnia in childhood Parents don't give their children an inconsistent sleep time to make the child insomnia in adulthood.
Exercising before bedtime and stressful work at bedtime
Irregular sleep and waking
The environment in the bedroom is not suitable, such as a hot temperature. or too cold too loud including the sleeping characteristics of close people

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