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British conservativeSLOTXOMPs arrested Police find rape, sexual assault case

18 May BBC and The Guardian Reported scandalous news in British political circles that a member of the House of Representatives Anonymous from the Conservative Party Arrested on May 16 after being suspected of rape and sexual assault.

The London Metropolitan Police confirmed that The man, in his 50s, was detained over allegations dating back to 2002-2009 in the capital London, after police received a report of sexual harassment in January. 2020 and this man is also charged with assault. abusing a position that is trusted and misconduct in government agencies

while whipping the Conservative Party which is responsible for the discipline of the party even without suspending status But he asked the MP to stay away from parliament during the investigation. A spokesman for the Conservative Party said: “The whip chief asked the MPs involved (in the case) not to enter the parliamentary area while the investigation was ongoing. and will not give any further comment. until the investigation is over.”

The London Metropolitan Police said An investigation is ongoing. and was carried out by officers from the Central Special Operations Crime Unit. This MP was later released on bail.

The arrests come at a time when the Conservative Party faces a string of sexual harassment and misconduct scandals, including former Wakefield lawmaker Imran Ahmad Khan. convicted of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy and Neil Parish, a former lawmaker from Tiverton and Honiton constituency who admitted viewing pornography in the House of Representatives. Both resigned. and the re-election is scheduled for June 23

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Another Conservative MP, David Warburton, a representative from the Somerton and Frome constituencies, was suspended pending an investigation into a sexual assault case by the Independent Complaints and Complaints Program. of the House of Representatives

Details of the arrest of the MPs appeared during what the government hoped to be. “Criminal Week” with announcements on tougher security measures As Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the cabinet On Tuesday morning, May 16, "Crime, crime, crime is what we need to focus on."

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