22 May 2022 - 07:04:27
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Let's take a look at theSLOTXOmain reasons why you can't lose fat or change your body shape.

1. There is no clear eating behavior. I don't know how much nutrition or energy I get each day. causing me to not know how to adjust my diet in order to cause Cal Deficit

2. Eat Too Little Protein Not that the body needs to be physically active each day. Protein is an essential part of building or maintaining muscle mass during fat loss.

3. Exercising too lightly or too little exercise that is hard enough will stimulate the burning of fat better It also helps to stimulate muscle building as well.

4. Having a bad lifestyle every day, such as sitting for a long time, little body movement Stick to eating sweets or drinking sugary drinks. poor sleep quality, etc.

5. There are too many CheatDays. Eating a large, indulgent meal, whether it be food, dessert, or drink Gives very high energy each time It may be more than the energy spent on the past week's exercise.

6. I can't do it continuously. Consistently. Exercising hard for 1 day, resting for 1 week, dieting for 3 days, taking a break for 1 week, doing it for 1 week, taking a break for 2 months. This is because we are hard and stressed beyond our ability. It doesn't have to be hard to do. But it's important to be consistent.

Who has been doing this for a long time but still hasn't seen results? Let's go see if we have any errors according to these 6 or not. Let's try to adjust it. Hopefully it will help you lose fat and get a better shape.

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