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Mike Pompeo, former US Instead of betting on slots you've never played before, test your online slots. A freeslot 168version for each game you are interested in, this way you can test the slot tips you read and develop your strategies and exercises. So you are ready when it's time to play for real money in jeopardy. Don't waste your time and money playing slots you don't like. Find new games quickly. At online casinos, you can play almost all demo versions of slot games for free. In many cases, these free demos can be played first. Secretary of State under Donald Trump, said during a visit to Taipei on March 4 that the United States should officially recognize Taiwan as a "country." sorry

“The US government It should do the right thing, it's clear, and it's a necessity that should have been done for a long time. That is a diplomatic declaration that the Republic of China (Taiwan) is a sovereign and free country,” Pompeo said at a forum hosted by a Taiwanese think tank.

Washington ended diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1979, choosing to formalize ties with the People's Republic of China. under the One China policy

Although Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China, most foreign politicians add the word "Taiwan" to the end when referring to it.

“Even though the United States should continue to contact the People's Republic of China as a sovereign government. But diplomatic recognition to the 23 million liberty-minded Taiwanese, including the democratically elected Taiwanese government, It is something to ignore, avoid, or make it secondary. Not anymore,” Pompeo said.

The former minister's remarks were "crossing the red line" drawn by China. Because Beijing regards Taiwan as its sovereign territory. and did not refuse to use military force to bring the island back under the rule of the mainland if necessary

China has always warned that Taiwan's status is one of the most sensitive and important issues in our interactions with the United States.

President Tsai Ing-wen thanked the former US Secretary of State. for continuous support Pompeo was also awarded the Order of the Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon, one of Taiwan's highest decorations.

Pompeo and 27 former Trump administration officials were sanctioned by China after vacating office in early 2021, with Beijing angered by Pompeo's frequent critics of the Chinese Communist Party. including expressly showing support for Taiwan

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