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Progress after reachingxo walletan acquisition agreement "Air India" (Air India) in October 2021, resulting in the Indian national airline back into the arms of "Tata Sons", the Indian business giant once again. But coming into the management this time is not an easy task. with problems that have been piling up for a long time It became a big challenge that Tata had to rush to clear up.

The Financial Times reports that After the Indian government handed over the airline. Air India was brought under Tata's management at the end of January 2022, in accordance with the previous acquisition agreement. Tata has initiated a major corporate reform plan. to restore the business their ancestors founded 89 years ago.

in the national airline reform plan Tata had to expedite the solution, whether it was dealing with the old aircraft that were still in service. The problem of corporate culture in the form of a backward bureaucratic system including improving potential to increase competitiveness

Tata will continue to employ around 13,500 of Air India's existing employees for another year before introducing a voluntary retirement program to improve its workforce structure. The benefits that employees used to receive as a state enterprise will be limited. such as the cancellation of housing benefits for employees that have already been in effect

Jitendra Barkawa, former Air India executive director, said corporate culture reform was crucial to Air India's revival. because the bureaucratic culture of the past was ineffective Motivating employees to perform to their full potential is also an issue that Tata has to focus on.

In addition, the acquisition of Air India is an opportunity for Tata to increase its competitiveness in the aviation industry. Tata currently owns 51% of full-service airline Vistara and 84% of low-cost carrier AirAsia India.

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