01 May 2022 - 07:14:18
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If you are addicted to covids, youSLOTXOdon't have to quarantine! Britain plans to lift measures hope to live with the virus
Reuters reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on February 9 that From the end of February onwards British people infected with COVID-19 There will be no need to quarantine to prevent the spread of germs anymore. in order to follow the plan to coexist with covid

By Mr. Johnson canceled measures to prevent Covid-19. Almost all of the British in July last year. And last month, Plan B was canceled. which is enforced to slow the spread of Omicron strain of covid

Mr Johnson said He wants England to go into coexistence with coronavirus. and England will become the first large economies to lift the forced quarantine.

The quarantine, originally imposed by British authorities, was scheduled to end on March 24. But Mr Johnson said earlier that will try to lift such measures as soon as possible

While vaccines and omikron, which are less virulent than Delta, have reduced the number of deaths from infections. However, some scientists are still concerned about the possibility of lifting quarantine measures. Among the average number of infected people is 60,000 per day and the possibility of a new, more dangerous strain emerging.

19 May 2022 - 11:08:28
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