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Goldman Sachs has said it will shut down its operations in Russia. It became the first Wall Street bank to withdraw from the country in response to Ukraine's invasion.Money transfer giant Western Union also said it would suspend operations in Russia and Belarus.

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The two companies quickly joined a global brand that had ceased operations in Russia.Earlier on Thursday, Uniqlo owners made a U-turn and decided to suspend operations in the country.

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Operations in Moscow are becoming more and more difficult. for Western financial institutions and other companies Amid international sanctions against Russia More than 330 companies have withdrawn or reduced their operations in the country in recent days. According to Yale researchers which tracks the response of the organization

On Thursday, Goldman Sachs said it would "terminate" its business in Russia instead of leaving immediately.
The bank said it was doing so. "According to regulatory and licensing requirements"As of the end of 2021, Goldman's total credit risk Sachs in Russia is $650 million (496 million pounds).

On Thursday, Wall Street giant JP Morgan Chase also said: It is "actively loosening the Russian business", with activities focused on employee care and helping customers around the world manage risks and close their obligations.Western Union, meanwhile,

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