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Thirty years ago, when communism fell in the USSR. Western companies have increased their presence in Russia.The arrival of major western brands symbolizes the beginning of a new era. With the Russians becoming enthusiastic consumers of Levi's jeans and luxury goods.

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Now, after President Putin's invasion of Ukraine in Ukraine Some companies, including Apple, Netflix, Zara and Jaguar Land Rover, have announced that they are temporarily suspending their activities in Russia.So which companies in which sectors get out of business the fastest? And

why are other companies silent?

L'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetics giant, said: will temporarily close its own shop and counters operated directly in department stores in Russia. including domestic e-commerce sites We strongly condemn the Russian aggression and the war in Ukraine. This has caused great suffering for Ukrainians,” the French company said in a statement.

Estée Lauder, another cosmetics giant, announced on Monday it would close all stores operating in Russia and halt the transport of cosmetics to its retail outlets. The group, which includes brands such as Michael Kors, DKNY, Clinique and Bobbi Brown, has been in the country for about 30 years.

Russia is one of the best performing companies. According to the latest results, however, it was "devastated by the tragic invasion of Ukraine. Russia is Europe's fifth largest retail market by 2021 at £337.2 billion, so some brands may not want it. burn their bridges If there is a chance to come back later

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