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When measures to controlxoWith each purchase you will get a lot of free spins. Most of them have been about 10 to 15 times so far. This is considered the most valuable amount to play slots. 10 to 15 free spins will bring you a lot of benefits. It takes a long time to get free spins compared to regular slot games. Also, you will receive less free spins. Not worth playing too much and you have to waste your time. COVID-19 still used rigorously Although there are fewer deaths than other countries causing disappointment with the Japanese government's approach

February 10, 2022 Channel News Asia Reports Expert Opinion which tried to find an answer that Why is Japan so strict with COVID-19 control measures? As other countries began to relax these measures.

Expert opinion states that While the omikron strain is increasing worldwide. Countries with progressive democracies tend to respond actively to outbreaks. But it will do so with measures with a lower austerity level than in 2020-2021, both social and travel measures.

But Japan chose a different path by "Fumio Kishida" Prime Minister of Japan. Cope with the outbreak with stricter border control measures than last year.

that the Japanese used to be disappointed with government policies and more profound social change. This makes the Japanese extremely sensitive to policies related to the pandemic. and the Kishida government knows that The popularity and survival of that government Inseparably linked with COVID numbers

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