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Justin Trudeau PrimeSLOTXOMinister of Easy to play with slotxo, automated system, mobile phone You can play slot games in your web browser without downloading. For the convenience of our users, we create a web system. The easiest to access. Just have a cell phone and internet you can walk with us right away. There are also additional options for new members If you are interested in playing slots with us, there are two types of trials available: Canada announced on Monday (Jan. 31) that he had tested positive for COVID-19. Amid the rising number of infected cases in the country Due to the Omikron mutant and rowdy protests in the capital Resist the restrictions to prevent the spread of the epidemic

"This morning I have tested positive for COVID-19," Trudeau wrote on Twitter. while he had completed all the vaccinations Including the injection of a stimulating needle as well. "I feel fine. And will continue to work remotely this week. Along with following the framework of public health advice, everyone is encouraged to receive vaccinations and boosters.

The prime minister also said that two of his three school-age children have also tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Earlier, Trudeau and his family self-isolate for several days. after close contact with an infected person He did not reveal any details. However, an investigation revealed that Trudeau personally met several cabinet members on Wednesday (Jan. 26).

Trudeau's family moved to an undisclosed location. As part of the precautionary measure Amid ongoing protests in Ottawa of the protesters against the restrictions to prevent COVID-19

The rally began with truck drivers protesting the mandatory vaccination order. It was then expanded amid the involvement of other law enforcement activists. set out to prevent the spread

Canada has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Four out of five Canadians are vaccinated, but Trudeau warned in the middle of last month. The situation can get worse in winter.

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