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AGENT/MGROnline - MoreSLOTXOevidence has emerged, with satellite imagery captured by US media CNN between late January and Monday, the latest to show the strength. More Russian troops were sent in at various points in Belarus, Crimea and Russia's western border. Experts now believe some 74-76 Russian battalion tactical group, or BTG, used during the annexation of Crimea around Ukraine, experts say.

US media CNN reported on Monday (Feb 3) that the latest satellite images near the Ukrainian border on Monday by Maxar, which collects and analyzes the satellite images, show that The increase in the deployment of Russian troops represents an increase in the level of mobility and readiness.

Russian forces moved into Belarus two weeks ago, where both Russian and Belarusian defense ministries have said they are preparing for major joint exercises that will take place in the month. this

However, Maxar and other satellite image providers confirmed that They have observed an increase in existing Russian troops in training grounds and military sites within 150 miles of the Ukrainian border in recent months.

and some were found only a few miles away, US media have pointed out.

Maxar said most of the latest satellite imagery showed Russia's new move, saying that "previously most of the cases showed there would be little military force or new military accommodation. As for the soldiers, an increase was only recently noticed near the deployment. Point out that some units may be ordered as a pre-positioned delivery or a forward deploy.

But it started to change because Maxar said. "During the past two weeks A few important military deployments have been found in Belarus, he added, adding, In addition, tents or military camps have been virtually seen at every deployment point in Bela. Russia, Crimea and western Russia It indicates that these units are coming with the military and are increasing their overall level of readiness as a whole.

Maxar compared satellite images from September and late January of the same barracks at Novoozerne in Crimea, showing a dramatic increase in movement and space for tents to be spread.

An armored vehicle unit and support equipment were also found in Russia's Yelnya.

The presence of the camp was shown to be readiness for the troops to stay, although there was no evidence of the troops' arrival.

Maxar also pointed to movements in military exercises in the area. Including live-fire drills and moving drills were observed in progress at numerous training grounds.

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