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US SecretarySLOTXOof State Antony Blinken, along with him in Japan and South Korea. The announcement echoed on Saturday (Feb 12) that they were united in the face of various security threats. in Asia-Pacific But it's clear that Washington is now heavily engrossed in fanfare of the possibility of war in Eastern Europe. There was an impact on the American side's diplomatic efforts in this region. The main aim is to mobilize a coalition to help prevent China's rise.

Blinken, South Korean Foreign Minister Chong Ui-yong and Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa met in Honolulu, Hawaii, for a day of talks focusing on nuclear and missile threats. North Korea as well as the challenges of China

Washington has organized the meeting as the third and final stop of this round of Blinken's Pacific-wide diplomatic campaign. With the aim of reaffirming the return of Asia's top priority ("pivot" to Asia), both politically and securely. After the past, the implementation of this policy has been in turmoil.

First of all, Blinken attended a meeting of the 'Quad' group in Melbourne, Australia, an alliance between Australia, Japan, India and the United States, who was not happy with what they saw as Beijing. Implement a military expansion policy in Asia-Pacific.

Then the number one US diplomat The man also traveled to Fiji to attend a virtual meeting with representatives of 17 Pacific island nations. who is also experiencing China's economic, political and military ambitions.

US officials say Blinken's trip is to give confidence to countries throughout the region that Washington continues to pay deep attention to their issues.

During this Blinken's one-week journey The White House has also released a strategic document for the region. which Washington is calling the new name "The Indo-Pacific Region," this 18-page document focuses on the region's central focus on overall US foreign policy.

“This strategy of the United States reflects the fundamental truth that What is happening in the region is going to affect the lives of Americans. and people around the world more than any other region in this world,” Blinken said in Honolulu on Saturday (12) at the conclusion of his one-week mission.

However, every point he stopped on this trip The beating of the gong speaks of a threat that Russia will invade Ukraine separately. which drew nearly all of Washington's attention. It also drew attention from the nations who attended the meeting with Blinken.

US Secretary of State spent a considerable amount of time during his travels communicating with the Allies. and with Sergei Lavrov, who held the same position as him in Russia on the Ukrainian crisis

While in each press conference which is intended to be used as a platform to boast that the United States How dedicated are you to Asia-Pacific affairs? but it turns out It was pegged to Blinken's statement that Russia could invade Ukraine in the coming days.

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