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Australia's Sydney citySLOTXOappeals toCoin In / Coin Out – Coin In and Coin Out refer to the number of credits or units played and paid. Entry coins are the number of units played. The coins issued are the number of winning units. the people "Stop being afraid" of the coronavirus and refuse to restore mandatory indoor mask measures and limit the number of users in various places Even though the number of daily infections continues to reach a new record high

While the world is worried about the risk of "Omicron" that can spread easily. But people in Sydney, one of the cities with the highest vaccination rates, The world has started to return to near normal life since last week. After the government decided to cancel the restrictions to welcome the Christmas season

"This virus is always having new mutations," New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrottate told media in Sydney.

“The epidemic is not going to go away easily, so we have to learn to live with it. We still need to reduce our fear. and to add more hope and confidence.”

The looming strain of Covid-19, which is spreading across Europe, has caused the Netherlands to decide to return to "lockdown" again, and neighboring countries are expected to begin reintroducing tougher measures as well. but on the contrary The Australian government has shifted its focus to loosening the lockdown despite rising numbers of infections. It is also hoped that the comprehensive vaccination will help keep the number of people sick in the hospital not too high.

Currently, over 90% of the Australian population over the age of 16 is fully vaccinated.

Perrottate said a comprehensive vaccination would help most people with mild symptoms. And despite experts admonishing a resurgence of social restrictions, the NSW prime minister remains adamant. "Use a balanced and appropriate response approach" and urge people to focus only on the number of critically ill patients.

Australia has accumulated some 255,000 cases and no new coronavirus deaths were reported today (20). But the number of people in hospitals is still small compared to when the coronavirus was the worst in the delta.

New South Wales recorded 2,501 new cases today (20), a slight decrease from a daily record of 2,566 on Sunday (19), while neighboring Victoria reported 1,302 new cases.

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