20 Feb 2022 - 04:54:53
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A middle-aged man was captured byxo walletCCTV as he walked naked to a gas station in eastern Sydney. to pay without the slightest embarrassment in the eyes of others

A video posted on social media shows a cashier serving customers at a PB gas station. in the Edgecliff neighborhood of the city of Sydney On Thursday (Jan. 27), but during that time, a naked man suddenly appeared in the foreground

In the photo, a man, believed to be in his mid 50s and early 60s, presses the phone to pay for his recently filled gas service. while others He was shocked and tried to avoid his gaze. Dare not stare at him directly.

after a short transaction The naked man quickly turned around. and walked back to his car.

News reports stated that In addition to the cashier There are also other employees It was in the store when the naked man entered the checkout. Meanwhile, several other customers were filling up with gas outside. when the man was using the station

Bruno Buchet, who shared the video on Twitter. Interviewed with the Daily Mail Australia news agency that the incident left employees speechless.

“He is like everyone else. who thinks this is crazy," Bouchet said of the staff. “But there was no mention of what happened. Employees are worried if this man doesn't wear a mask. The staff were shocked and wanted to show their professionalism. So they didn't say anything.”

Bouchet describes the time of the incident and why the man was completely naked. "There are still many unanswered questions in this story."

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