18 Feb 2022 - 05:08:20
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A picture of the incident from aSLOTXOsurveillance camera. The clip is going viral on social media. A man wears only an orange t-shirt and no underwear. Standing to help yourself outside a mobile phone shop in Malaysia. But when the girls pretend not to care This young man raided the shop. causing the staff to climb the glass cabinet and escape in different directions

A one-minute video clip was uploaded to Malaysia's Facebook page Info Roadblock on Thursday (March 11).

Local media believe that The incident happened Wednesday (March 10) at a mobile phone shop in Pantai Timor shopping center. in Kota Bharu, Kelantan State of Malaysia.

The man is seen masturbating, harassing a female employee outside the store, but when the fake girls ignore him, it prompts him to try to climb over the counter. before deciding to walk in the other direction

The three female employees behind the counter saw that their posture was not good, so they climbed the counter and escaped from the shop in different directions. In the meantime, the man was seen trying to run towards him. before standing up and looking at the chair with one hand touching their own genitals

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