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Olive oil is known to contain healthy fats. And there is a campaign to make more food. But there are different types of olive oil. Choosing olive oil for cooking Therefore, the type of olive oil must be selected to match the type of food as well. To get the most benefits from olive oil

Can olive oil be used to “fry” food?
Olive oil can be used for frying if you choose the right type of olive oil. There are several types of olive oils, including:

Extra virgin olive oil is often used in salad dressings and sauces that do not need to be heated. but not suitable for frying or stir-frying
Virgin olive oil is inferior in quality to extra virgin olive oil. So it's still considered healthy as well. Just the price is slightly cheaper. Can be mixed in salad dressings, sauces that do not need to be heated but not suitable for frying or stir-frying
Olive oil (olive oil or pure olive oil) is a blend of oils. Extra Virgin Olive Oil with olive oil that has been processed to add nutritional value into This results in a highly nutritious oil similar to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But additionally, it is more resistant to heat. So it can be cooked through rapid heat, but still can't fry. Because the nutrients in Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be lost. become fat that is not good for the body as before
Refined Olive Oil, Light Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil) is a pure type of oil above. without extra virgin olive oil Still considered to have some good nutritional value, but some are lost from the extraction of the original color, smell, taste through chemical processing. and through heat making it quite transparent and the price is not high but can withstand higher heat as well Therefore, it can be used to fry food for a longer time, such as frying pork, chicken, fish.
Olive pomace oil, although it is the lowest grade of olive oil. But it can still be used for cooking. especially deep-fried food that takes a long time But it has a higher unhealthy fat content than other types of olive oil as well, so it's not very popular.

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