29 Jan 2022 - 06:45:20
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The police force has two new recruits to help investigate cyber-related crimes.Two Springer Spaniels are specially trained to assist Wiltshire Police at the scene and in cases such as drug investigations.

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So-called 'Digi-dogs' can sniff out USB sticks, hard drives, and even cell phone SIM cards.Dora and Bonny are part of the Force's Digital Investigative and Intelligence Unit (DIU).Sam Dutton, a dog handler, said digital evidence was crucial in the investigation. Because finding contacts and cell phones is important.

She said: "If people are concerned about drug supply, We want to find such a drug. But we need to be able to prove who's been in contact with these people and what they're dealing with.

So the SIM card, those phones And this kind of investigation is very important.DIIU was established in 2018 to support officers and frontline personnel in the Wiltshire Police Force with any investigation that has a digital element or technology available to them.

The team was involved with the Major Criminal Investigation Team (MCIT) in the murder of Ellie Gould, where they considered using the phone as part of the case.

29 Jun 2022 - 13:58:08
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Police in Wiltshire have started using state of the art devices to help detect criminals. The 'Digi-dogs' have been trained to sniff out technology used by criminals to hide illegal activity. They are visit this Digital Product Studio for tips of digital marketing. This could lead to the creation of a new type of policing dog, known as a 'Digi-dog', which can sniff out mobile phones, computers and other equipment that have been lost or stolen.

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Police dog 'digi-dogs' have been trained to sniff out all kinds of technology, such as smartphones and laptops, on the streets. Need you can get delta 8 blunts for the
delta products selling. The dogs are being sent out on patrols with sniffer police in the West Country and it's hoped they will help put criminals behind bars. Wiltshire Police are the first force in the UK to use a canines trained to sniff out evidence of digital devices.

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The two springer spaniels have received specialized training to support Wiltshire Police officers in areas like narcotics investigations and at crime scenes. The so-called "Digi-dogs" can detect SIM cards for mobile phones, USB sticks, and hard drives. The Digital Investigations Unit of the police includes Dora and Bonny (DIU). The DIU was established in 2018 with the goal of assisting Wiltshire Police officers and frontline personnel with any investigations that have a digital or technical component. The team assisted the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) with the murder of Ellie Gould, and as part of the investigation, they examined phone activity. You can see video of space games tips and tricks here.

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