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Chronic ulcers can be a dangerous sign of the disease you have. Or you may be unconsciously.
Lecturer Dr. Pasu Phromniyom, a doctor at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Surgery Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, states that chronic wounds are wounds that are in a state of inflammation that do not heal within a normal period. Most often it lasts 6 weeks.

Causes of chronic wounds
Pressure ulcers in bedridden patients
Accidents that have not been treated or treated properly
certain diseases that cause narrowing of the arteries
skin cancer
venous disorder
The danger of chronic wounds
Patients hurt and suffer from wounds.
tissue death It can be so serious that amputation is required.
chronic wounds that do not heal May cause skin cancer

How to treat chronic wounds
Information from the Surgery Clinic, Building 2, Paolo Hospital Chokchai 4, indicates how to care for chronic wounds as follows:

Keep the wound clean and germ-free by washing the wound with soap. warm water or salt water Clean the wound 2-4 times a day, after which it must be wiped dry every time. and should be as gentle in each cleaning as possible to prevent the wound from being affected
Do not use alcohol for cleaning. Because alcohol has the effect of destroying proteins in tissues. This can cause harm to the wound.
After cleaning the wound Should be wiped completely dry and put on a disinfectant. to destroy pathogens that are harmful to cells which causes the wound to heal slowly Dry the wound with a sterile bandage only.
Be careful not to let the wound get in the water.
Always observe the abnormalities of the wound. If there is pain, swelling, redness or lymphatic discharge, you should not wait to see a doctor immediately. In case of infection, it will be treated promptly.
Do not allow pressure sores for more than 2 hours, and if there are pressure ulcers in any area, care must be taken closely. And should wipe the bedsore with an antiseptic or saline solution. normal saline and completely dry the wound with a sterile bandage only. Do not use plaster to cover the wound directly.
Be careful to clean the wound with pus well. Because the wound has pus like this will have a high chance of infection. If the wound has pus, use a gauze bandage to absorb the pus from the wound completely. to prevent the wound from spreading further Or recommend that you go to a hospital or a medical facility that meets the best standards.

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