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Parker Solar Probe, theSLOTXOfirst spacecraft in history to touch the Sun's atmosphere

On December 20, 2021, reporters reported that yesterday (Dec. 19) NARIT, the National Astronomical Research Institute, revealed that Parker Solar Probe, the first spacecraft to make history, touched the Sun's atmosphere.

On April 28, 2021, the magnetic field detectors aboard the Parker Solar Probe, 13 million kilometers from the Sun, detected that it had crossed the boundary between the sun's atmosphere and outer space, known as Alfvn critical surface means that the Parker Solar Probe space probe has become the first spacecraft in history to experience the Sun's atmosphere.

the boundaries of the sun
Unlike hard rocky planets such as Earth, the Sun does not have a distinctly solid surface. The sun is made up of gas that is heated to form plasma. and does not have clear boundaries The part we see as the "surface" of the sun is actually just the apparent region of most of the sun's light sources.

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