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Crude oil pricesSLOTXOrose in every online slot game There will be a payout schedule to show. to tell the player that How much money can you earn for winning games for each set of above $80 a barrel. in the past few months has caused panic all over the world. because he feared that it would stimulate "inflation" until it hindered economic recovery. While the world's largest oil producer "OPEC" is led by Saudi Arabia. insist on not increasing production It will increase production to 400,000 barrels per day until next year. Even a large country like the United States demands more.

Call on OPEC, which is far from the United States. Increase production to help the US economy It is strange because the United States It already has the potential to produce shale oil, so Occidental Petroleum, a major US shale producer sent a message to the US government in the same way If you want to call someone to increase oil production, why call someone far away? even if we can produce by ourselves in the country

The quote above comes from an interview with Occidental Petroleum CEO Vicki Hallub. It would be better if the US government asked shale oil producers to increase production. Because US companies can produce cheap oil like other countries.

If I had to ask for an increase in oil production I will not demand anything from far away. but from near in our country.

US Votes OPEC for Fears if Oil Prices Continue High It will halt the US economy. and the global economy recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, while US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm Complaining that when the price of oil hits $80, why? Therefore, it cannot incentivize US shale oil producers to increase production.

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