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Natural disasters causing heavySLOTXOflooding and landslides in Canada continue to affect. Canadian federal government rushes to send aid to affected areas While officials are still worried that the situation will get worse. If it rains again next week

Canada expects the death toll from massive floods and landslides in British Columbia County to rise. The district declared a state of emergency on Wednesday. and the federal government promised to help.

Officials confirmed one death after heavy rains and mud swept through roads. As a result, many cities near the mountains were cut off. At least three people were missing.

Rescuers came to the rescue of people trapped in cars on the road hit by a landslide.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said about 18,000 people had to be evacuated.

“We expect to see more deaths in the coming days,” British Columbia local government leader John Horgan said. It said the disaster was an event that would occur in 500 years.

“We will enforce travel restrictions. and will transport the necessary goods medical and emergency services to the communities in need,” Horgan said in a press release. and urged people to refrain from hoarding supplies

Floods and landslides also disrupted the nation's largest port in Vancouver. affecting the global supply chain that is already in tension

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government would help the county recover from what he called a "disaster recovery". Of course, the city of Ottawa is sending hundreds of Air Force personnel to help and “There are still thousands of people on standby,” Trudeau told reporters in Washington. Before the US-Canada-Mexico Summit on this thursday

Some of the affected towns are in remote mountainous areas with difficult access and freezing temperatures, said Eric Thompson, a spokesman for the area's emergency operations. in Tulamine Northeast of Vancouver As many as 400 people were stranded, many without electricity.

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