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Zara Duterte-Carpioxo walletDaughter Regardless of the type of investment, planning is an important aspect that many players should not miss. It's an online slot game, but there is no fixed formula for walking money. But you also need to of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Submit an application for a position "Vice President" already It ends months-long speculations about whether she will run in national elections in 2022.

After the representatives of Duterte - Carpio The application was not long before the party of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or "Bonbon" was announced immediately. Son of a former dictator who will run for president of the Philippines. make a choice Duterte-Carpio as a partner for the vice president

The Duterte - Carpio. only expect position "Vice President" is surprising. This is because opinion polls throughout the year suggest that the vast majority of Filipinos would like to see her step up as the 'female president' after her outgoing father.

Antonio La Vina, a professor of law and politics at Ateneo de Manila University, told Reuters he was "surprised" by Duterte's daughter's decision. “And the surprise that followed was that The person she agreed to be the vice president.”

Philippine law clearly requires the president and vice president to vote separately.

For Duterte, the 76-year-old is prohibited in the constitution. This made it impossible to hold office for more than one term, which he announced last month that he intends to retire politically.

Besides the son of Marcos other presidential candidates Also to watch are Leni Robredo, the current Vice President of the Philippines, Francisco Domacoso, the former mayor of Manila, and an actor. including the most famous boxer, "Manny Pacquiao"

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