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Maxar satellite imagerySLOTXOcaptures structures similar to "Aircraft carriers" and other warships of the United States It is located in the middle of the desert in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. which is assumed to be A 'simulated target' used by the Chinese military in firearm training.

These goals reflect Beijing's efforts to increase the military's ability to fire on aircraft carriers. especially US aircraft carriers. amid the escalating conflict between the two superpowers in the South China Sea and Taiwan

From satellite images released on Sunday (Nov 7) it can be seen that there is a sketch of the aircraft carrier. And at least two Arlehberg-class guided-missile destroyers are being built at a test site in the Taklamakan Desert. which the United States Navy Institute Listed as a test site for Chinese missiles

Most recently, China's Ministry of Defense did not comment on the report.

China's anti-ship missile development program is under the control of the People's Liberation Army's Rocket Forces (PLARF), which according to the Pentagon's latest annual report on Chinese military activities, the PLARF has already tested missiles in the collision. With the DF-21 for the first time in July 2020, the DF-21 dropped a total of 6 bombs into the South China Sea north of the Spratly Islands. It is a territorial waters where China overlaps with Taiwan and four other Southeast Asian countries.

Anthony Blingen, US Secretary of State It said in July this year that the United States was ready to reach out to the Philippines. if attacked in the South China Sea and warned China to "stop provocative behavior"

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