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US opens borders to allSLOTXOvaccinated travelers this November
The United States will open its land borders for temporary travelers from Mexico and Canada in November. Suspends ground travel for more than 19 months after the COVID-19 outbreak finally calmed down

Opening of the US land border It is under the condition that all foreign tourists enter the United States. Must be vaccinated against COVID-19 Only complete quantity The United States remains open to air travelers under the same full-dose vaccination mandate.

The United States previously restricted cross-border land travel only when necessary early in the epidemic, such as trade and transport. The new regulations will allow full-dose vaccinations. be able to enter the United States for any reason

Both Mexico and Canada have put pressure on the United States. It's been months to open land borders. due to prohibition causing many families to be separated It also makes people who want to travel on vacation unable to enter the United States.

The new rule that would require everyone entering the United States by land and air to be vaccinated, said it will take effect this November. But officials have not specified a date when the order will come into effect.

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