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“And who do you trustSLOTXOApply for membership and get slot777 free credit 50 baht immediately. We are ready to serve. and ready to take care of you fullynow? After having met like this ".

the end of the survival game that makes viewers very nervous about Squid Game after having to support their favorite characters to complete the game through 6 levels of death because it doesn't just require strength, cunning and friend or foe gameplay.

Confidence is the pinnacle of what makes the squid game colorful. But if you trust the wrong person, your life can be hit by a bullet or if they survive, trust could become a sticking point. (pistatrophobia)

Mechanism of pistatrophobia

According to the Thai name, this disease is the fear of trusting others. Of course, the cause of this symptom must come from having been betrayed by loved ones who no longer want to trust a state of affairs anymore. a boyfriend. The mission but also to close or close friends who stumble and break our trust.

Also, pistanthophobia It can be caused by low self-esteem or low self-esteem. who think we're not good Not so good they can't hold anyone And lead to the same end, uncle runs away from relationship st.

How do you know he's included? pistatrophobia

known as fear In a nutshell, the symptoms of this disease are similar to the behavior of the female protagonist "Kang Sae Yeok" and "Song Ki Hoon", the protagonist at the end of the film, refusing not only to smell people who refuse, refusing . and involuntarily, there is panic, tremor, fear, heartbeat even when meeting other people

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