24 Nov 2021 - 06:19:33
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Former PrincessxoMako of Japan Kei Komuro, her husband, left Japan. Moved to start a new life in New York, USA.

On November 14, 2021, CNN reported, according to NHK, that Mrs. Mako Komuro, or former Princess Mako of Japan. Daughter of Prince Fumihito, Crown Prince and Princess Kiko The Crown Princess and her husband Kei Komuro, who just got married on Oct. 26, moved to the United States. After having just left the Japanese royal family with the renunciation of marriage to a commoner.

They both left Haneda Airport. in the morning local time and when it comes to the United States to rent an apartment in New York City where Mr. Komuro works as a lawyer at a law firm.

The report stated that The couple expressed their gratitude to the royal family and supporters before leaving the country.

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