17 Nov 2021 - 06:40:42
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Supreme LeaderSLOT XOTaliban Appears Defeat rumors of death
Hibatullah Akhundada, the Taliban's supreme leader, appears in Kandahar. It was expected to drown out the circulating rumors that he had died. Mr Akhun Dada's presence is a rare occurrence. Because the Taliban's supreme leader is known to be a recluse and introvert.

News reports claim that Mr Akhun Dada appeared from a Taliban source. He didn't even show up when the Taliban captured Kabul in August. This has led to rumors and speculations that he may have died.

Other senior Taliban leaders reportedly with Mr. Akhun Dada as well Reuters was informed that Mr. Akhundada visited the Jamia Darul Alum Hakimia religious school in Kandahar on Saturday October 30.

Some officials have previously said that Akhun Dada had made an appearance before but was not in the news. This makes it the first time that Mr Akhun Dada has been officially confirmed in public. The only photograph of Mr Akhun Dada that Reuters has is one that Taliban posted on Twitter in May 2016.

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